Written by Donny Ariyanto

Scrambler and tracker style is our favorite of the vintage style line up. It’s an ideal everyday ride, for around town or even some light off road work. And that’s why this custom started, when we were approached our client who wanted to customize their bike for their 2nd Annual Kustom Kulture event, Suryanation Motorland 2016.  They choose 2016 Royal Enfield 350 Classic as a donor bike and needed this bike as their Iconic Bike. Read More THE BRAWLERS – ROYAL ENFIELD 350 CLASSIC ’16

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Z800 - 7-01

As anyone who has ever customized a bike will tell you, the unavoidable and omnipresent ‘money versus dreams’ equation is a hard one to crack. There’s what you want to do, and then there’s what you can afford to do. Most mere mortals and their bank accounts would run for mention of a customized than they need and all the expense, fiddling and  testing that comes with it. But not with one of our customer. He grabbed his dream by the horns and asked us to change his bike totally. Read More THE ECHO – KAWASAKI Z800 ’14

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SHADOW - 6-01

Written by Donny Ariyanto

The custom bike scene, like any other art form, often finds it self bending to the will of fashion. But there’s no shame in that – music, painting, dance and almost any other genre you care to name have to endure the same challenge. And while in the heat of the moment a certain trend can seem to the viewer to be very ‘cool’ or ‘exciting’, it’s often only a matter of time before the truth becomes apparent. Read More THE SIMMER – HONDA SHADOW VT1100 ’91

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Written by Donny Ariyanto

Everyone has their own special way of doing things, whether it’s how you make your morning breakfast or if fold or scrunch the paper. When it comes to building bikes, it’s no different. People will tell you their approach is best and that any other way is wrong, but the reality is you just do what feels right and hope for the best. While some peoples like to sketch things out or spend hours in photoshop finalizing a design, others jump in head first without a moments hesitation. Read More THE ATTEMPT – HARLEY DAVIDSON ULTRA GLIDE 1340 ’95

Harley Davidson Our Works


Written by Donny Ariyanto

Indonesians are truly amazing at using whatever resources we have to create something. You see, due to the heavy import tax in Indonesia bikes like TW200’s, W650’s and SR400’s are not available, so we have to think outside the square when building classic looking motorcycles. This time the donor bike is the uninspiring 2008 Yamaha Scorpio 225. Read More THE RUSKY – YAMAHA SCORPIO 225 ’08

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